Prepared for ready-to-fill containers – Bosch expands line for Nuova Ompi

Nuova Ompi

Nuova Ompi is based in Northern Italy and specializes in glass primary packaging for injectable pharmaceuticals. Due to a growing demand for sterile, ready-to-use glass containers in the pharmaceutical industry, the company decided to increase its production. For the introduction of its EZ-fill™ product line (sterile and ready-to-fill glass containers) for vials and cartridges, Nuova Ompi acquired parts of a Bosch line consisting of an RRN 3063 washing machine and an HQL 3680 tunnel with advanced smooth handling technology.


Adapted to special requirements
The original line was designed for cartridges only. However, within six months it had to be able to handle both vials and cartridges. In the Bosch factory experts fully disassembled the washing machine and retrofitted the gripper turning unit for the cleaning of vials. Furthermore, they modified the complete infeed area for gentle handling, and constructed  a sleeve to securely transport glass containers through the washing machine.


As Nuova Ompi supplies customers with different requirements, quick changeovers between containers and the flexibility to handle different sizes were core requirements. Nuova Ompi ordered several sets of vials in sizes of up to 10R as well as 3 and 20 milliliter cartridges from Bosch. To ensure its proper functioning with all sizes, Bosch Packaging Services also performed a thorough mechanical check of the tunnel.


Additional closing machine for cartridges
As the actual filling process is realized by Nuova Ompi’s customers, vials are not closed. Instead, they are directly transported from the tunnel to the tub nesting machine. Bosch integrated a new MRD 1010 filling and closing machine especially for cartridges – but without the filling station. The cartridges are closed on one side with either a stopper or cap before being transferred to the tub nesting machine.


Thanks to good teamwork, the modification was completed within a very short time period, and Nuova Ompi could start mass production of its new product line as planned.


Roland Bringmann
Service Sales Manager
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