Pioneering trends are leading the future of secondary packaging

secondary packaging

In the past, the main purpose of secondary packaging was to shield the products within from knocks and prevent wasteful loss during transit from the manufacturer to the retailer. However, in the last few years, secondary packaging has been increasingly used by both brands and retailers to attract consumers at the point of sale. Our Bosch experts discuss the latest trends in secondary packaging and provide advice for manufacturers to help wrap up their hunt for the right retail-ready packaging solution.


Let’s get retail-ready
One major trend in secondary packaging is retail-ready packaging (RRP). The main purpose of RRP is to facilitate the process of in-store stock replenishment for the retailer, eliminating the need for time-consuming unpacking and repacking. As a result manufacturers benefit from considerable time and financial savings. Another benefit many manufacturers are increasingly using is RRP’s eye-catching displays to strengthen shelf differentiation.


Sustainability vs. cost-efficiency
Though seemingly unconnected, retailers’ desire to save costs correlates to manufacturers’ approach to increased sustainability. Manufacturers are reducing the weight of their packaging formats to lower material and transportation costs, which also enhances the sustainability of their production processes.


Consultancy is key
Nowadays, it is not enough for manufacturers to only seek suitable packaging equipment for their production lines – they need packaging suppliers to act as consultants to help find the best solution for their demands. Modern packaging is making machinery requirements become considerably more complex. In particular, manufacturers seek flexibility from their packaging machinery to serve different markets and package products in as many different pack styles and sizes as possible. In addition, different regions can vary greatly in their regulations and requirements concerning the features of packaging formats.


As a result, packaging machine suppliers must provide comprehensive advice at every step. Collaboration between manufacturers and machinery suppliers has become the most crucial trend in secondary packaging and will shape its future.


Bosch Packaging Technology is able to support manufacturers with expert guidance on the most suitable secondary packaging solution for their needs: from conception to implementation and from the choice of packaging material to the choice of technology.


Bernhard Vaihinger
Head of Product Management, Innovation and Technology at Bosch Packaging Systems GmbH, Remshalden, Germany
phone: +49 7151 7007 67

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