Pharmaceutical manufacturer keeps medication under wraps

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During the past few years, pharmaceutical manufacturers have been challenged to maintain the highest levels of product protection. The need to keep inhalanda fresh to maximize their benefit for consumers and enhance traceability and control over the drug supply chain has pushed manufacturers to flow wrap individual doses of their products before packaging them into cartons.


Innovative high-speed solution
Recently, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in the U.S. was seeking to adapt its packaging capabilities so it could individually wrap and serialize inhalanda ampules to meet new market trends. The company was looking for a packaging solution with the flexibility to flow wrap both single ampules and vial cards, place the wrapped products into shelf cartons for case packing, palletizing and shipping, while keeping track of each one as it progressed through the line.  The answer was a combination of the Sigpack HSL horizontal flow wrapper and the Sigpack TTP toploader from Bosch Packaging Systems.

The Sigpack HSL flow wrapper is a fully electronic three-axis servo-controlled machine designed to hermetically seal ampules and vial cards in individual flow packs prior to cartoning. Thanks to this process, the inhalanda are protected from the effects of air and sunlight, ensuring its freshness when it is ready to be administered to the patient. Other critical features of the Sigpack HSL are its barcode printer and scanner which provide traceability for each vial.


The toploader is based on a modular concept, with all main functions included in the base module. Due to the adaptable carton carriers, the machine allows for high format flexibility. The comprehensive traceability for the cartons passing through the system enhances process security. For instance, the cartons are scanned before the flow packs are inserted. Should a case be incomplete or have an incorrect barcode, it is rejected without interrupting the production process.


Success thanks to innovation
Thanks to the innovative packaging solution, Bosch allows pharmaceutical manufacturers enhance productivity. This secures profits and generates new opportunity for growth. Additional benefits such as the ability to track packages through the supply chain secure doctors and patients. It supports patient well-being, adding value and safety to the patients’ product experience and helping manufacturers ensure that customers return to their product again and again.


Jörg Kleiner
General Manager Sales Pharmaceutical & Medical
phone: +41 58 674 6913

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