OEE Consulting: analyses, priorities and sustainable solutions

OEE Consulting

In our OEE Consulting we determine and eliminate the root causes for effectiveness losses to get the most out of your machines. Based on measuring data, the joint project team defines which factors have a negative impact on OEE and examines the cause-and-effect relationship in a fishbone diagram.


We then evaluate the causes and consequences of the measured failure notifications within a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). The causes are listed in spreadsheets and are assigned individual risk factors according to their frequency, their influence on the production process and their recognizability. This allows us to prioritize the causes and develop a detailed catalogue of measures.


In our example from previous newsletter editions, product availability is responsible for OEE losses. It is reflected by the especially frequent machine downtime notification “no product”. We visualized possible causes such as “wrong product size” and “conveyor speed down” in a fishbone diagram and assessed them in the FMEA. Suitable actions could consist in an internal review of product specifications or the installation of an additional acceleration conveyor.


Joint efforts for better effectiveness
Apart from the catalogue of measures, we also determine whether and how the causes can be best identified. By detecting the “wrong product size” at an early stage, for instance through targeted control of the process parameters, faulty products can be rejected in due time so that no gap occurs in the product feed. This puts you in the position to react more quickly to possible failures – and sustainably increase your machines’ effectiveness.


Our holistic approach is based on a close partnership and a combination of our long-standing expertise and your profound product knowledge. This is why our catalogue of measures usually includes actions performed at your site and services we provide, such as trainings, constructive machinery modifications or the support of a service technician. Together we review the implementation of all measures to ensure the sustainability of the improvements. We are happy to support you in improving your OEE!


Roland Pichler
phone: +41 58 674 6357



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