New labeling system for thermo-formed cups


Most cups have them: labels. Our new and now patented in-mould labeling system simplifies decoration and finds application in hygienic filling of wiscous food.


Labels give cups an identity
No matter if they display cows, bananas or raspberries – labels complement a product and function as buying criterion. Literally, cups wouldn’t look half as good without a label. In addition, one would not recognize the brand and important information like ingredients and the barcode, for a quick scanning on the side of the cup, would be missing. Moreover, the cup would have to be made of thicker foil because the labels stabilize a cup and provides it with the necessary mechanical stability.


Conventional labeling
Hence, the application of the label is an important step within the production process of cups. The conventional concept of labeling contains several roller cutters, a rather big and heavy printed paper roll and a forming station. The paper is cut into several lanes by the roll cutters. The single labels that are cut off from these lanes are set into forming cavities and are attached to one cup each. As soon as the paper supply runs low, a paper roll change must be conducted. In order to manage such a change the machine either has to be stopped and then the paper roll exchanged manually or the new, rather heavy paper roll is changed by a heavy splicer.


New labeling system runs on thermoforming machine TFC
On our thermoforming machine TFC, the new and now patented labeling system can convince with its flexibility as well as time and cost savings. The new labeling concept includes a reduction of roller cutters to one which cuts the paper into two lanes producing the labels afterwards. This rather small change comes with many benefits. For instance, by placing different label prints behind each other instead of placing them next to each other the paper roll is reduced in dimensions and weight.  In addition, incorrect labels can be removed quicker due to the reduction of paper lanes. A change of paper rolls can be conducted easily by one person using the auto splicer which is conveniently attached on the side of the machine. As a consequence, the change of rolls is easier, cost saving and the machine doesn’t have to be stopped.


Additional time and cost savings can be observed when it comes to the cleaning of the machine due to the smart design of the labeling system. There are simply less rollers and angles to clean. Furthermore, an overall innovation provides additional flexibility: The newly implemented flexible cup bottom offers different cup depths as well as volumes that can be produced on Bosch’s thermoforming machine. Here, it is critical to note that a laborious change of forming tools is no longer necessary. Thanks to those innovative changes the operational time improves and increases the machine’s efficiency.


Application variety
Whether one chooses cups with yoghurt, curd, or dessert in a supermarket, all of them could have been decorated with the new labeling system by Bosch Packaging Technology. Thanks to this newly patented labeling system cups not only look attractive, but are also labeled resource-saving friendly. There is less paper loss when changing small paper rolls in comparison to bigger ones in conventional labeling processes.


Andreas Niemcewicz
phone: +49(711)811-57326

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