Highly purified water plant with distributor system for the Red Cross

Red Cross

Fulfilling several specific customer wishes in one single plant is the true test for a plant manufacturer. The Central Fractionation Unit of the Belgian Red Cross (C.A.F.-D.C.F.) presented Pharmatec, a Bosch Packaging Technology company, with such a challenge. C.A.F.-D.C.F. acts as a contract manufacturer and supplies the domestic market with plasma proteins. In Brussels, 200 employees produce coagulation factors, immunoglobulins, and albumin solutions. In some production steps, highly purified water (HPW) is used instead of water for injection (WFI), because it is more economical to produce.


To increase its HPW production capacity, C.A.F.-D.C.F. required a highly purified water plant. As the Belgian company must be able to respond flexibly to customer requests, the plant requires specific characteristics, which include combining three different sanitization methods which to a certain extent are mutually exclusive.


Flexible sanitization
The HPW is conveyed to the loads throughout the facility via a distributor system. The distributor system must be regularly sanitized to maintain the high microbiological quality of the water. The customers of C.A.F-D.C.F. require different methods of sanitization. This means being able to switch back and forth between ozonization, hot water sanitization, and pressurized water sterilization. The combination of hot water and ozone is highly unusual and posed the biggest challenge for Pharmatec. The constructional situation required the use of a horizontal tank, which bore the risk of too little gas dissolving in the water during ozonization. The solution consists in an extension of the pipe along the entire length of the tank.


A customer-specific double valve solution ensures sanitization of the branch lines to the consumers. In this turn-key project Pharmatec delivered everything from plant engineering and construction to installation of the pipes and the complete distributor system. The demanding cooperative venture was brought to a successful close on schedule – and paved the way for a follow-up project.


Klaus H. Schreiber
Marketing Responsible
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