Three factors for truly hygienic vertical packaging equipment


An important but often overlooked component of food safety is product packaging. With intensifying regional and international food safety guidelines, it is important to select packaging technology that will safeguard products and the consumers who enjoy them, while simultaneously maintaining high production efficiency. Your team of hygienic packaging experts from Bosch shows how packaging equipment can help to achieve safety standards and avoid downtime.

    1.  Product-contact surfaces influence food safety
      Because food constantly comes into contact with various surfaces throughout the packaging line, manufacturers should incorporate packaging equipment designed for very strict hygiene standards. Truly hygienic packaging technology ensures that 100 percent of the machine’s product-contact surfaces meet these regulations. In addition, this will help manufacturers make sure that products are packaged hygienically, and ultimately contribute to brand loyalty because consumers will be able rely on product quality.
    2. Speedy cleaning reduces downtime and contamination
      Ultimately, hygienic design has to do with cleanability. As manufacturers want to increase speed, they should choose machines designed for quick and easy cleaning to minimize downtime. For example, Bosch focuses on creating vertical packaging machinery with a minimal number of horizontal surfaces, and surfaces with slopes of a few degrees to discharge water. It is crucial that all equipment is self-draining as residual liquids can generate microbial growth and leftover cleaning fluids can result in product contamination.
    3. Certified materials ensure effective cleaning
      Manufacturers should also make sure the machine has FDA-certified materials. In addition, materials should be made from stainless steel to avoid rust and stand up to the harsh cleaning chemicals used to ensure complete removal of contaminating elements. We make sure our machines can handle these vigorous cleaning processes and agents.


It is crucial for manufacturers to reach out to providers with hygienic design expertise. This will ensure the chosen solution not only satisfies food safety regulations, but also production goals.
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