VIS 200: semi-automated inspection for highest product quality

VIS 200

Higher production speeds and batch sizes require fully automated inspection processes that comply with highest quality standards. Within the scope of automatic inspection, semi-automated systems are also increasingly being used. They are not only employed to inspect small batches, but also to monitor the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) and in the validation of fully automated machines, where they are used to examine test samples. Amongst these semi-automated machines is the VIS 200 from Bosch Inspection Technology. It examines empty and filled vials from 2 to 200 milliliters containing liquids or lyophilized products, and is used for primary inspection of vials, secondary inspection of previous rejects, and validation of test samples.


Higher rates, less fatigue
Compared to manual inspection systems, the VIS 200 is able to perform visual inspection at higher rates while minimizing operator fatigue, leading to optimized inspection of particulates in liquid parenteral products and specks on lyophilized products. It also detects cosmetic container defects such as glass cracks, missing caps and stoppers, crimp defects, and incorrect filling levels.


VIS 200


The vials are moved into a user-programmable viewing area at adjustable angles of 30, 45 and 60 degrees. They are spun at high speeds and suddenly stopped in order to detect particulates in liquids. Low-speed rotation in turn is used for detecting particles in lyophilized products and cosmetic container defects. After inspection, the vials are either accepted or rejected and sent into separate areas, as manually directed by the operator.


Three further members complete the VIS product family: the VIS 500 inspects empty or filled vials up to 500 milliliters at a fixed inspection angle. The VIS 1000 is designed for inspection of ampoules, cartridges and vials up to 100 milliliters. Last but not least, the VIS 2000 inspects pre-filled syringes from 1 to 20 milliliters. All VIS models meet the global standards for visual inspection systems, including the United States, European and Japanese pharmacopeias.


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