Product-preserving, sterile and without preservatives: aseptic packaging by Bosch


Due to growing markets and rising demand of commodities, food manufacturers have to think about product durability as well as cost-efficient transportation in order to meet those needs. In addition, stricter food regulations are calling for packaging technology that is able to package food with high quality, sterile and protected. Especially when filling perishable products such as milk, juices, desserts, baby food, soups, sauces, and cooking oil are concerned.


Pure nature – safely packaged
Sterile packaged products can be stored without cooling. This is very helpful in countries with an incomplete cooling infrastructure. Moreover, those products are ready for instant usage. There is for example no need to add water like it is the case with products in powder form. Another advantage: food can be packaged without addition of preservatives due to the product-gentle aseptic filling process. The customers will appreciate that the nutritional value of aseptically packaged food is well preserved. It looks and tastes just like its fresh counterpart. The packaging technology implemented in Bosch thermoforming machines or Ampack’s pre-made cup and bottle filling machines enables reliable aseptic packaging. Products packaged under sterile conditions in Bosch machines reach shelf life from six to twelve months.




Product-preserving but effective sterilization
Germs can be found everywhere: on the packaging material, on and inside a machine and on the lid seal. In order to package a product under sterile conditions, all parts involved in the filling process have to be sterile. To meet these requirements, Bosch Packaging Technology uses liquid and vaporized hydrogen peroxide. Due to its washing effect, hydrogen peroxide has been proven to be particularly effective for aseptic packaging in contrast to other sterilizing techniques such as UV light or dry heat. Germs are extinguished almost entirely and a recontamination can be prevented. This is ensured by the filling process taking place in a sterile tunnel system with a slight over pressure of sterile air. In addition, quality of the filled product is protected as it is not treated with heat at all.


Save food and a green food print
Not only consumers but also the environment benefits from aseptically packaged products. Since storage and transportation of sterile food can be managed without a cooling system, energy can be saved. The product-preserving packaging process also offers both, a broader variety of packaging material to be used and a reduction of material thickness, resulting in less material consumption. Moreover, by preserving perishable foods with aseptic packaging, wastage of nutrient resources is avoided.


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