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Robotics Leadership

In April 2013, Bosch Packaging Technology announced the retirement of Dr. Marc-Olivier Demaurex, president of Bosch Packaging Technology SA, and the appointment of Frank Souyris as general manager. Both have been working closely together to ensure a smooth transition and handover of responsibilities.


Mr. Souyris previously collaborated with Dr. Demaurex during his tenure as sales manager with Demaurex SA. Since 2001 Mr. Souyris has held positions of chief operating officer (COO) and general manager in various companies. Dr. Demaurex joined Bosch when Demaurex SA, the Swiss company he founded, was acquired in 2004. Under his leadership, Demaurex SA first commercialized the Delta robot and held the exclusive patent for the technology until 2007. The principal of parallel kinematic Delta robots originated at the Swiss École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne where a team led by Professor Reymond Clavel completed the first concepts and developed the first industrial units. The Delta robot was the first to make high-speed vision guided picking for light weight products available to the manufacturing sector. It accelerated packaging lines and increased efficiencies through its unique design of three translational degrees and one rotational degree of freedom.


Dr. Demaurex quickly grasped how this new automation solution could revolutionize the packaging industry thanks to its speed, versatility and accuracy. It was his efforts that led to extending its use from initial applications in chocolate packing factories to a broad range of applications worldwide, such as confectionery, non-food and secondary packaging.


As Marc-Olivier Demaurex moves to pastures new and we bid adieu to the industrialist and inspiration behind the use of Delta robotic technologies for the packaging sector, a new dawn breaks for the company he developed in the form of Frank Souyris. An experienced hand has returned to take the helm and lead the company through the next chapter in the development of robotic technologies for the confectionery, food and packaging sectors.


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