FCE Pharma Brazil – Bosch focuses on Latin American pharma market

FCE Pharma Brazil

FCE Pharma May 14-16 in São Paulo, Brazil. At FCE Pharma, Bosch Packaging Technology displays its most recent solutions from its expanded portfolio for the pharmaceutical industry. The process and packaging specialist places special emphasis on process technology solutions. These include the laboratory device Solidlab 1, the high-shear mixer granulator Hüttlin Mycromix and a pure steam generator from Pharmatec.


Expanded presence in Latin America to be close to our customers
Besides Mexico and Columbia, Brazil is the most important pharmaceutical market for Bosch Packaging Technology in Latin America. To be close to our customers, the company has expanded its presence in the Latin American pharmaceutical market. All projects are coordinated from the regional headquarter in São Paulo. The Brazilian office also functions as service hub for Latin America with responsibility for all after-sales services activities and technical support throughout the region. Apart from the office in São Paulo, Bosch Packaging Technology also has sales offices in Panama City and Mexico City.


High demand for complete solutions
Brazil is the fastest growing market among pharmerging countries, and currently ranks as the seventh largest market for pharmaceuticals and the third largest market for generics worldwide. According to research company IMS Health, the Brazilian pharmaceuticals market was worth 31 billion real (11.9 billion Euros) in 2009, and total sales are expected to continuously grow by double-digit rates. The country’s development policy helped increase the demand for generic drugs substantially within the last ten years. Bosch offers a wide range of equipment and complete line solutions, and thus perfectly complies with local and regional manufacturers’ operational needs.



Bosch presents extended portfolio
The acquisition of Hüttlin GmbH and Bosch Packaging Technology Ltd.(previously Manesty) in 2011 and the corresponding portfolio expansion were important steps in establishing a sales strategy for Latin America. Both process technology specialists have jointly developed the laboratory machine Solidlab 1 for the manufacture of tablets and pellets. By using a common base assembly, the three process modules powder mixing, granulating and coating are combined in one single machine, enabling cost and space optimization. Solidlab 1 handles batches from 0.05 to two

kilograms. The Hüttlin Mycromix is the smallest high-shear mixer granulator in the laboratory equipment range and handles batches from 0.05 to one kilogram.

The trade show appearance is rounded out by a pure steam generator, manufactured by Pharmatec GmbH, a Bosch Packaging Technology company. The machine is designed for the production of sterile, pyrogenic-free pure steam suitable for the sterilization of several equipment components.

Experts from the after-sales services division will be available to answer questions about the complete services portfolio from Bosch, as well as upcoming projects in Latin America.


Volker Melges
Head of Sales Latin America
phone: +55 11 2117-6775

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