Hüttlin Gentlewing: gentle and homogenous granulating

Hüttlin Gentlewing

A mutual study with Uni Mainz confirms that the Hüttlin Gentlewing rightly bears its name: The unique shape ensures higher homogeneity and is on a par with traditional mixing devices. High-shear granulation is a highly complex process in which many different parameters exert significant influence on the final product. The mixing device constitutes an integral part of this process. Bosch Packaging Technology equips all its granulators with the patented Hüttlin Gentlewing. In contrast to conventional three-blade impellers, the stirrer only employs two blades and runs at lower speeds. The specific form of its blades offers several practical benefits to its users: The rounded z-shape enables especially thorough emptying. The low clearance between container and impeller additionally minimizes product adhesion to the container walls.


Implementing this kind of innovations in the pharmaceutical industry is an ambitious task. The innovation’s success depends largely on its application results. Therefore, Bosch commissioned a study which was designed to answer the following questions: How does the Gentlewing influence the granulate properties? What other parameters play a role in the process?


The study was conducted in cooperation with the Department of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology of the University of Mainz, Germany. Its results provide clear answers: At lower impeller speed, granulation with the Gentlewing leads to a more homogeneous distribution of the active ingredient. With respect to granulate properties such as particle size, density, condensability and fluidity, the Hüttlin Gentlewing achieves the same properties as conventional impellers.


The study has confirmed that the Gentlewing rightly bears its name. Its new shape carries no risk. On the contrary, it offers quite some advantages. The scientific examination provided substantial evidence that the Gentlewing is a first-class granulator in spite of, or even because of, its lower speed.


Dr. Marcus Knöll
Head of Hüttlin Pharma Service
phone: +49 7622 6884 121



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