After-sales services: Our key for your success


Cooperation with a professional partner who not only is experienced in processing and packaging technology, but also offers a broad services portfolio, is essential for your success. Our Bosch Packaging Services division, established for that very reason, to give you access to our know-how, and offer expertise and reliable support from a single source. Our portfolio includes much more than traditional customer service.


Identify potential through expertise
Optimal use of resources is an important starting point to respond quickly to new requirements and increasing cost pressures. Through our professional OEE Consulting (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) we identify the optimal use of your resources, reveal potential for improvement and work closely with you to find solutions for increased OEE.


Reliably improve your production
With a preventive maintenance strategy we can improve the performance of your equipment and extend machinery lifetime significantly. Within the scope of our Preventive Maintenance Service we determine suitable intervals for the required maintenance of your production and packaging line. Our experts guide and assist you at all times to help increase the cost effectiveness and availability of your machinery.


Proactively increase your efficiency
As a future-oriented service partner we offer comprehensive and diverse support in order to steadily optimize your production processes. This includes among others the fast and easy ordering of spare parts through our E-Portal . The online ordering platform simplifies the research for spare parts and ensures reliable long-term planning as information on prices and availability are accessible at any time.


Bottom line
Bosch Packaging Technology supports you in all areas of production, from the design of the packaging system to installation and maintenance on a regular basis to responding to market changes at an early stage. As a competent service provider we are able to address your individual requirements and offer you tailored solutions for a more efficient and reliable production. Having all of this taken care of, you can focus on the core competencies of your business.


Katharina Kolb
Product Management
phone: +41 58 674 6637

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