Symposia 2013 – Bosch experts talk at three renowned conferences


With speeches on single-use technology, clinical trial filling and GMP design in secondary packaging at three renowned conferences Bosch presents its large portfolio. We invite our customers to learn more about our products for the pharmaceutical industry!



PDA Conference “Single-use Systems for Pharmaceutical Applications”, January 15 – 16, 2013, Milano, Italy


“Filling systems for the future“– Bosch presents its expertise on single-use systems in collaboration with Sartorius Stedim Biotech. Single-use systems or so called disposable systems are already well known in the biotech industry but not yet for final filling.


Final filling of biotech drugs is much more complex than filling of chemical drugs as proteins are more sensitive. Cleaning and cleaning validation pose challenges to pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as suppliers of filling systems. Nevertheless, requirements for conventional filling are still valid: sterility, highest accuracy, high yield as well as no dripping of the filling needles, no splashing in the primary container (syringe, vial, cartridge), no particles and so forth.


We are happy to announce the speech by Carole Langlois, Sartorius Stedim, and Klaus Ullherr, Bosch, on “Filling Systems for the Future”.


PDA Conference “Clinical Trial Filling”, February 12 – 13, 2013, Ulm, Germany


“Optimizing efficiency and flexibility in Clinical Trial Filling” – Robert Bosch GmbH, Fraunhofer ITEM and Nuova Ompi – Stevanato Group present their project on clinical trial filling.


The speech will elucidate the introduction of a standardized process realized at Fraunhofer ITEM in Braunschweig. On a Bosch filling and closing machine (type ARF), Fraunhofer fills pre-sterilized vials produced by Nuova Ompi (EZ-fill vials). The ARF meets the requirements for a flexible platform in clinical trial filling. It allows processing different sterilized glass container types and sizes as well as retrofitting different pump types. Additionally, optional closing systems can be integrated on the ARF platform.


The speech on “Optimizing Efficiency and Flexibility in Clinical Trial Filling: Introducing a Standard Process Based on a Ready to Fill” will be held by Andrea Cecchetto, Nuova Ompi, Holger Ziehr, Fraunhofer Institut, and Andreas Gross, Bosch.



GMP workshop in secondary packaging with a one day practical station training at Bosch, February 19 – 20, 2013, Ludwigsburg, Germany 


During the workshop in Ludwigsburg/Germany, the importance of GMP for packaging processes will be highlighted for employees from the packaging industry through theoretical and practical lectures. The workshop is organized by Concept Heidelberg.


The third day will take place at Bosch Packaging Technology in Waiblingen/Germany. The participants will experience the production and packaging process of solid pharmaceuticals, including format changes, cleaning and documentation as well as GMP design of packaging machines.


Aim of this workshop is to clarify the requirements for facilities and GMP-compliant design of packaging machinery. Employees from the packaging industry and manufacturers of technical systems of the pharmaceutical industry are very welcome to participate at the workshop.


Moreover, Bosch will be represented by two speakers. Norbert Opaczek, senior manager marketing and sales support services will talk about “Preventive Maintenance for machines and equipment for pharmaceutical packaging”. This speech discusses topics like wear parts, maintenance cycles, debugging and troubleshooting. Daniel Sanwald, product manager, talks about GMP-oriented design for secondary packaging. Pharmaceutical quality cannot be ensured by inspection, but has to be processed from the first step of production.  What is important regarding GMP-suitable machine design will be explained using an excerpt of the packaging process.


Please note that the symposium will be held in German language.



For the GMP workshop please contact:

Judith Rehm

Marketing Manager

Tel: +49 711 811 57206




For the PDA conferences please contact:

Annika Fernbach

Marketing Manager

Tel: +49 7951 402 896


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