How do you like your apples?


Appeeling Fruit, based in Dauberville, PA, slices and packages locally grown apples and other fruit for retail and foodservice. The growing popularity of sliced apples as a healthy snack alternative has driven tremendous growth at Appeeling Fruit.


Unfortunately, the installed packaging machinery could not keep up with the increased demand. Unlike many competitors who use clam shell packaging for multipacks, Appeeling Fruit uses a more environmentally friendly bag-in-bag approach. Eight two-ounce bags are placed into a larger bag, which is sealed with a continuous band sealer. The band sealer however, had become the weak link in their operation. As demand grew, its speed limited the company’s output and the seal quality was not meeting retailer’s expectations.




Ryan Gebely, director of sales & marketing at Appeeling Fruit noted they had a decision to make. “We knew that you get what you pay for. We could have picked up another cheap band sealer to supplement our existing machine, but then we’d have two mediocre machines that aren’t giving us quality seals and are breaking down. Or, do we spend the money and get one quality machine that’s not going to bring our line down and we can use for the next ten years?”  To help make this decision, Ryan and Appeeling Fruit turned to Matt Bucklen at BaggingGuys for assistance. BaggingGuys, based in York, PA, specializes in providing equipment for filling and sealing pre-made bags and other flexible packages.


Matt invited Ryan and the Appeeling Fruit team to the BaggingGuys’ facility in York, PA, to test their bags and product on the new Doboy B-550 band sealer from Bosch to see if it would meet their needs. As it turned out, the Doboy B-550 not only was able to dependably seal bags at the speed and with the seal quality Appeeling Fruit needed, but it could carry the bags without a conveyor and had an option for an integrated coder – two additional benefits that made their decision to invest in a high-quality band sealer easy.


Since installing it, the production manager, David Schreiber, has been thrilled with the performance.  “We have very little downtime with the Doboy. In fact, I have not had to replace a band yet. But even when I do, I know it’s simple. It is just a matter of releasing the tension on the bands, removing and replacing the band, and then it self aligns. No bolts or parts to remove. We’re back up and running in minutes.”




Ray Johnson

Product Manager, Baggers & Bag Closing

phone: +1 715 243 2293





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