Bosch Inspection Technology: first joint project


Bosch Packaging Technology and Bosch Inspection Technology are currently working on their first joint assignment under the Bosch umbrella. “This project takes the integration of the product brand Eisai Machinery into the Bosch portfolio a significant step further,” Manfred Thißen, sales manager at Bosch Inspection Technology, reported. Incorporating Eisai Machinery, Bosch has added further competencies to its inspection technology portfolio. This enables the company to deliver complete solutions both for particle and cosmetic inspection as well as leak detection for vials, ampoules and syringes.


Combination of inspection competencies

The experts at Bosch Inspection Technology in Cologne and Bosch Packaging Technology in Crailsheim are currently manufacturing an inspection line for a renowned pharmaceutical company that has extended its production capacities. “Bosch and Eisai Machinery operating under the new name Bosch Inspection Technology jointly participated in the contract negotiations,” underlined Andreas Bühler and Ulrich Wenk, project managers at Bosch Packaging Technology. “The colleagues at both sites have been keeping close exchange of information to develop an optimally matched solution for the customer.”


Comprehensive inspection solution for ampoules

The ampoule inspection process consists of multiple steps. Initially, the AIM 296 executes the visual inspection of the ampoules. In a fully automated process, the ampoules are inspected for foreign particles using static division (SD) technology, a system developed by Eisai Machinery. With its camera-based system, the machine further inspects filling level, turbidity and the ampoule tip. As the next step, the leak detection machine KLD 1043 then examines the seal integrity of each container via a high-voltage electrical field with forced rotation. Work on the line is currently running at full speed to ensure the equipment will be delivered to the customer on time.




Miroslav Horvat

Technical & Commercial Responsible and Sales Director EMEA

phone: +49 221 9564 5920


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