Biscuit packaging: many challenges – one flexible solution


To modernize the packaging style, Bosch developed a new in-line feeder for a well-known European biscuit manufacturer with remarkable results: The customized packaging solution doubles speed and shortens changeover time to 15 minutes.


The system from Bosch includes a jointly developed Sigpack FGI in-line feeder which merges four streams of product to one stream of on-edge biscuits to directly feed the Sigpack HCS flow wrapping machine. This new packaging line concept allows the company to pack its products in heat-sealed flow wraps instead of roll wrap packages, which further helps to secure product freshness.


Trusted partners – customized solution

Since the 1950s, the manufacturer has relied on Bosch machines to package its most popular biscuits. This common history and successful cooperation in the past formed the basis for the joint development of the FGI in-line feeder.


Collaborating with the customer’s engineering team, Bosch elaborated a solution with a customized three-leg layout to improve efficiency. In addition, by folding down the flow pack end fins in the shelf-ready secondary packaging the new flow wrap pack style mimics the previous roll wrap package. Hence, the company was able to maintain its brand appeal without losing customer loyalty as the switch between the two pack styles was accomplished seamlessly.




Changeovers on the run

Not only does the flow wrap technology package at double the speeds of previous roll wrap systems, it also significantly reduces changeover time from four hours to just 15 minutes, enabling continuous production. This provides the company the opportunity to manufacture per order and not for stock. It continues to meet ever-changing retailer demands while decreasing warehouse space.


A significant advantage of the three-leg FGI-HCS system is that the operator can easily program the distribution of products to two or to all three packaging legs. This offers the flexibility of a format change on only one machine while the other two, capable of handling all production, remain operational. When a format changeover is required, the system is programmed to divert the products away from the affected leg to the other two legs. In other words, changeovers are done “on the run.”




Daniel Bossel

Product Manager

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