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Spare parts ordering has never been easier with Bosch Packaging Technology’s introduction of new, customized features for its E-Portal ordering platform.


Synchronize the E-Portal to your internal processes

Spare parts ordering is a crucial and time-consuming part of daily business. To make this process easier than ever for you, Bosch has added two new features to its E-Portal, the online platform for spare parts ordering. With the Open Catalog Interface (OCI) and the Corporate Portal, you can now synchronize your spare parts logistics with internal processes, resulting in increased efficiency and optimized spare parts ordering.


Access up-to-date information from the E-Portal in your purchasing system

Thanks to the new OCI function, actual information on price and availability from the E-Portal is now available in either your own purchasing or ERP system to reduce efforts for data entry and simplify spare parts ordering. A link to the E-Portal is embedded in your system, giving you direct access to up-to-date spare parts prices and availability details. This information can then be transferred into your purchasing system with a single click, allowing for faster processing of orders and enquiries.


Cross-locational spare parts logistics with the Corporate Portal

The Corporate Portal feature allows you to combine E-Portals from multiple geographic locations and centrally control spare parts ordering and logistics. Depending on your needs, the central access can be used for a region, business unit, or a purchasing or logistics organization. This feature helps you to plan and coordinate maintenance projects across different sites while minimizing production stoppages. Additionally, the Corporate Portal enables you to transfer product and machine information from different sites to one shared portal for easy and rapid access to information.




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  1. bouhedli mohamed nassim says:

    it’s good post, thanks

  2. bouhedli mohamed nassim says:

    thanks, Bosch Packaging Technology

  3. Ivan Djuric says:


    We have your machine Bosch KLD 1042 serial number 778845.
    Please send us your offer for calibration of high voltage transformer. Time to time we have a error on machine “problem with high voltage”. Additionally we would like to calibrate regularly transformer ones a year.

    Best regards,
    Ivan Djuric
    Head of Calibration department
    Validation and Calibration department
    Hemofarm AD
    tel: + 381 (13) 804-120
    mob: + 381 (64) 895 69 05
    fax: + 381 (13) 803-714

    • Bosch Packaging Technology says:

      Dear Mr. Djuric,
      Our sales team will contact you very soon an provide more detailed information on calibration of high voltage transformers. Thank you very much for your interest.
      Best Regards,
      Jela Grubesa, Bosch Packaging Technology Marketing

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