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With the acquisition of Manesty and Hüttlin in August 2011, Bosch Packaging Technology took a major step towards extending its pharmaceutical processing portfolio. Manesty, now Bosch Packaging Technology Ltd., specializes in manufacturing high-quality tablet presses and coaters from laboratory plants through to large scale production equipment. Since the first joint trade show participations in 2011, Manesty products are now an integral part of Bosch’s exhibition booths. “We are very pleased to see that our products perfectly complement Bosch’s pharmaceutical value chain. Already, and in just a short period of time, we have come to realise the huge benefits that our synergies have within the Bosch Packaging Technology group,” says Gary Hanson, general manager at Bosch Packaging Technology Ltd.


Small machines for big results

Manesty offers a wide range of tablet presses and coaters tailored to customers’ requirements. For instance, the new Manesty Xpress 100 tablet press offers a complete solution for research and development and is suited for scale-up to the established Xpress range of production tablet presses. Manesty tablet coating systems are suited for small, medium and large scale production. All coaters use fully perforated pan technology, delivering efficient and controllable processes. They also feature unique and patented spray gun and mixing baffle technologies. Tailored air treatment handling systems ensure fast processing of production batches.


Part of a global network

Further highlights of the processing specialists Hüttlin and Manesty are their jointly developed laboratory devices Solidlab 1 and 2. They combine three process modules in one single machine: powder mixing, granulating and coating of pharmaceutical pellets and tablets. The portfolio is rounded out by additional service programs and training offers. “As part of Bosch’s global network, we now have an even better platform to offer our products to customers all over the world,” Martin Gross, general manager at Hüttlin GmbH, summarizes.




Peter Merimeche

Sales Director Manesty & Hüttlin

phone: +49 7622 6884 201


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