Filling systems – hygienic and easy to clean


When selecting equipment to fill products such as food and cosmetics, hygiene and ease of cleaning are crucial to ensure high quality and cost-effective production. It is all about investing intelligently in the right equipment – equipment that is fast and reliable and most importantly delivers the desired results.


Hygienic machine design for high product quality

The FLK series of fillers from Bosch has several features integrated to ensure high product quality and an optimized cleaning process. The filling system comes with a combination of freely adjustable cleaning programs which have four important parameters: cleaning of machine parts in contact with the product, combination of cleaning mediums, cleaning temperatures and cleaning pressure. With the FLK series, Bosch offers the microbiological security needed while filling critical products.


Parts coming in contact with the product do not require removal for cleaning due to the system’s cleaning in place (CIP) capability. For high product quality the FLK series optionally incorporates sterilization in place (SIP). Cleaning and sterilization are reliably reproducible thanks to the machine’s hygienic design and modern controls. With these advanced features, the system meets the requirements for documentation, qualification and validation (DQV).




Hygiene meets efficiency

With the FLK series, Bosch fulfills manufacturer requirements not only for hygienic filling but also for high efficiency. In order to avoid production stoppages, the filling line can be equipped with three tanks. While one is being cleaned, the other two can continue production, eliminating downtime and increasing overall efficiency.


Further benefits

To ensure customers get the most productivity and quality out of their lines, Bosch provides comprehensive training and after-sales support. The FLK series is operated by a touch screen that allows for easy, repeatable and tool-less changeover of different product sizes.


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Frank Jansen
Product Manager
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