ETAC Easy View fills the gap between manual and fully automated inspection


With the acquisition of Eisai Machinery in April 2012, Bosch has significantly expanded its inspection competence for liquid and solid pharmaceuticals. The computer-bound visual tabletop unit ETAC Easy View examines vials, ampoules, syringes and cartridges for particle contamination and cosmetic container defects. It inspects containers with diameters from eight to 50 millimeters and is used for very small batches. This makes it the ideal starter instrument for companies that plan to switch to fully automated machines in the near future. ETAC Easy View simplifies this change, as it is equipped with almost the same user interface and processes as its bigger brothers. It also enables the preparation of recipes which can be used as a good foundation to speed up recipe creation on fully automated inspection units.





Fast evaluation thanks to all-in-one computer

During inspection processes, the container is first rotated and then abruptly stopped. Particles rotating in the liquid are recorded on video or images. Particle tracking is possible if required. A camera transmits the results directly to the all-in-one computer, which allows for an especially fast evaluation. Thanks to its compact design and small weight of only 25 kilograms, the tabletop unit is independent and highly flexible in use. Full validation of the inspection device presents a further major advantage.


ETAC Easy View made its first appearance at Achema in June 2012 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. During the past months, Bosch introduced the semi-automated inspection unit to expert audiences at trade fairs around the globe, and in September, the European Bosch agents received thorough machine training. ETAC Easy View can be seen at further upcoming trade fairs, for instance Salon International Emballage in Paris (November 19 to 22, 2012) and Pharmtech in Moscow (November 26 to 29, 2012).




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