CBT Mobile: Interactive maintenance tool to increase efficiency

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Streamlining maintenance operations and optimizing production is key for manufacturers. The CBT Mobile helps you to enhance performance of your packaging lines. It handles customized information to guide the operator through packaging format changes, troubleshooting and standard operating procedures. The portable device provides immediate on-the-floor access to the stored technical information which supports you in making smart maintenance decisions to reduce downtime and costs.


Easy format changes

A detailed and step-by-step guidance supports your operator to achieve fast and easy format changes. The CBT Mobile is managed and synchronized via a USB cable connection to a personal computer. Once the operator inputs information about a planned format change, the device automatically generates the correct change-order code to implement the necessary machine alterations. Following the tool´s instructions reduces human error and improves efficiency during changeover processes.




Self-study training program

The portable tool can also be used to train staff on procedures and processes to strengthen expertise. The CBT Mobile offers an interactive, audio-visual self-study platform, which enables staff to access training data anywhere, anytime.


Speed up the processes

The interactive tool offers a troubleshooting kit consisting of detailed guidance for breakdown situations. In the event of an issue on the line, the CBT Mobile provides users with a step-by-step guide through the recommended problem-solving activities. To make processes easier to follow, personal tips or comments can be added to the database as well as photographs of system elements taken by the built-in camera. Via online access, spare parts orders in Bosch’s online E-Portal can be placed directly from the handheld computer, speeding up the process.




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