A matter of taste: valve technology for best product protection


Coffee is a highly delicate product that requires special handling. Only in this way can the valuable coffee aroma be protected and preserved during processing, packaging and shelf life.


Roast-fresh quality holds challenges

For a delightful coffee experience, coffee needs to be packaged airtight, directly after being processed. But freshly roasted coffee produces roasting gases, up to six liters per kilogram. These gases inflate the bag, giving it an un-aesthetic look. Also, the inside pressure can increase extensively until the bag bursts. To prevent inflation, coffee can be stored until all gas has escaped, which however leads to increased storage costs and loss of the valuable aroma.


Applying aroma protection valves allow coffee manufacturers to package their product directly after roasting, keeping the entire aroma. Thanks to the structure of Bosch’s patented valves, roasting gases can reliably escape the bag. Furthermore, the valve prevents oxygen from penetrating into the bag, spoiling the product. As a result, bags having a Bosch valve applied stay shapely and keep the coffee’s freshly roasted aroma.


Make the choice according to your needs

Bosch valves are available in two versions: While the inside valve is sealed to the interior of the film, outside valves can be applied to the exterior of bags or cans, due to their self-adhesive capabilities. Both valve types follow the same functional principle and have a very low opening and closing pressure.


Whether using an inside or outside valve mainly depends on own preferences or design requirements. But in the end, applying a valve to a bag is a matter of taste as Bosch aroma protection valves allow coffee to develop its aroma where it should: with the consumer.


Bosch Packaging Technology not only offers aroma protection valves, we also provide more technologies for protecting oxygen-sensitive and degassing products.




Julian Kätzlmeier

Sales, Valves


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