We reinvent the wheel: Mandrel-wheel packaging in the course of time

Mandrel Wheel

Different packaging requirements ask for different packaging methods. With its mandrel-wheel package makers Bosch Packaging Technology offers a very special solution. Read the interview with Marcus Velezmoro, Head of Sales, and find out about the advantages of this kind of bag making and how the technology has changed over the years.


What are the advantages of packaging with a mandrel-wheel?


Marcus Velezmoro: A mandrel-wheel machine allows the combination of essential benefits such as high-performance and precise filling on one machine. In this sector, we are the leading supplier. Thanks to a mandrel-wheel several bags can be produced almost simultaneously, while sealing or glueing of the bag is executed in one step – and that saves time. Additionally, the bags are filled in close succession which also supports the high output. For achieving high weight accuracy, our machines have an in-line weighing-system positioned after the main dosing unit, which regulates the filling amount of the top-up filler. This tendency regulation sets the exact filling amount for very high accuracy results. We are also able to produce vacuum brick bags on a mandrel-wheel machine. A vacuum-wheel with 28 chambers creates a much higher vacuum, compared to a usual head evacuation.


Since when does Bosch offer mandrel-wheel machines and what is the key to its success?


Marcus Velezmoro: With our mandrel-wheel portfolio, we provide machines that are still based on functional principles first developed in 1894 by the company Hesser. These machines had been developed further to a fully automated version, launched in 1911. With the acquisition of Hesser, which was founded in 1861, Bosch Packaging Technology can look back on over 150 years of packaging know-how. The first machine of this kind produced between 25 and 30 packages per minute, while today’s machines achieve output levels of 100 to 150 packages per minute. The principle is still the same, but modern materials are much more robust. Additional improvements in electronics as well as simulation tools during construction achieve higher reliability which is particularly appreciated by producers of high-quality products.


What does the future hold for the mandrel-wheel technology?


Marcus Velezmoro: Our traditional mandrel-wheel machines offer high output but no format flexibility. With our new flexible mandrel-wheel platform, we are able to meet manufacturers driving demand for flexible production and differentiation at point-of-sale. Just as in 1894 Hesser had been, we are pioneers in this field. The machine achieves an output of 100 bags per minute and the same accuracy values. At this year’s FachPack in Nuremberg, we will introduce this machine to an exhibition audience for the first time. Visitors have the chance to get more information about the machine’s functional principle and its production efficiency.


If you like to receive more information about our mandrel-wheel technology, visit us at FachPack, hall 4A, booth 304 or contact us directly.




Marcus Velezmoro

Head of Sales

Phone: +49 711 811 57742





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