OEE: Bosch mobile measuring system – an easy solution for data collection


For accurate assessment of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), manufacturers need to capture OEE-relevant production data. However, measuring tools have proven costly and time-consuming to implement. This is why Bosch offers a mobile measuring system capable of recording data such as machine output, speed, downtime and product rejects to easily provide manufacturers with insight into how to increase their line efficiency.


On the move

Bosch’s mobile measuring system can be used as a cost-effective way of identifying potential for increases in OEE on a manufacturer’s production line. If opportunities are identified, Bosch can provide OEE Consulting to manufacturers, during which Bosch experts use the data gathered to evaluate the potential of machines and recommend customized solutions that can be implemented to increase productivity.


Easy to use

To record OEE-relevant production data, the mobile measuring system from Bosch can be configured with machine shift information. Based on that, it automatically captures data from up to eight machine components (either Bosch or third-party) through one single interface. In addition, the system can acquire overall line data directly from the central control. Once collected, all of this data enables easy identification of each machine’s potential for improvement.


Analysis at a glance

A touch panel can be easily connected to the Bosch mobile measuring box to display the production data captured. It enables operators to manually identify and tag a cause of disruption on planned machine downtime. For an analysis, the customized software provides graphs demonstrating machine availability, output and performance. An OEE consultant from Bosch can support manufacturers in order to conduct an in-depth examination of the collected data.




Roland Pichler

OEE Consultant

phone: +41 58 674 6357




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