New state-of-the-art laboratory equipment on 300 square meters

Hüttlin, based in Schopfheim, Germany, offers ideal conditions for all batch sizes with state-of-the-art equipment for developing and producing solid materials. The machines cover all process steps: from mixing and granulating, drying and coating to pressing and coating of tablets and pellets, as well as capsule filling.


The laboratory includes eleven systems for batch sizes ranging from 30 grams to 300 kilograms. This is why the Pharma Service Center offers ideal conditions for test series of new products, formula development or optimization of individual aspects. “With our full range of analytical equipment, we consistently generate the latest results to verify the development process,” explained Dr. Marcus Knöll, Head of Pharma Service at Hüttlin. “In a further step, this data enables an easy scale-up.” Using this approach, individual parameters can be adapted to the needs of the production situation at the customer site. Bosch experts are on hand to support optimal development work and fastest possible results.


Solidlab 1 and 2 are the newest generation from Hüttlin and Bosch Packaging Ltd., formerly Manesty, with its joined expertise in the development. The concept of the laboratory machines is based on the effective use of peripheral equipment, control systems and data acquisition in combination with the intelligent integration of high quality process modules. Both versions combine one of three process modules and base assembly in one single machine: powder mixing, granulating and coating of pharmaceutical pellets and tablets. The single modules are structured as in complete production plants. Solidlab 1 handles batches from 0.05 to two kilograms. Based on the same construction principle, Solidlab 2 processes volumes from 0.5 to twelve kilograms.


The module for powder mixing consists of a square container which is eccentrically mounted in an open drum. Using this mixing principle, high mixing qualities can be obtained even for small amounts. The fluidized bed enables an even distribution of the supply air and toroidal material movement through a special disk jet distributing tray. A bottom sprayer system with its robust three-component nozzle ensures optimum coatings. The drum-shaped coater has a fully perforated drum with a high amount of perforated surface, a guided air stream going straight through the tablet bed, as well as a special exhaust air plenum chamber. The nozzle system can be set up to accommodate any batch size and warrants the consistent application of the spraying liquid. This results in short processing times, as well as high yields and quality.




Dr. Marcus Knöll

Head of Engineering Pharma Service

phone: +49 7622 6884 121




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