Long life in a cup – thermoforming solutions for sterile packaging

Thermoform Cups

Today’s food manufacturers of viscous and liquid products are looking for ways to extend shelf life of products without refrigeration or long periods of heat treatment. Ultra clean-fill and aseptic packaging methods provide an ideal solution. Inherent advantages are short heating times and the usage of low temperatures compared to traditional sterilization methods. Additionally, this gentle way of processing minimizes flavor loss and enables food products to remain shelf-stable without adding chemicals, preservatives or the need for cooling. This results in less damage to color, taste, texture, structure and nutrient quality.


Different hygienic requirements in filling and packaging depend on product parameters such as pH values, desired shelf life, and microbiological hazards. For example, ultra clean-fill levels are suitable for long-life yoghurt or dessert products, while aseptic filling is needed for baby food, meals containing meat or egg and low-acid products with high hygienic requirements. For ultra clean-fill and aseptic applications, thermoformed thin-wall plastic containers provide a clever packaging alternative to glass and metal containers. These light-weight plastics reduce overall packaging weight, are easy to carry, handle and dispose of, meeting consumers’ demand for convenience. For manufacturers in turn, it results in reduced total amount of energy and materials required to package and protect the product.


The thermoforming machines for ultra clean-fill and aseptic applications from Bosch Packaging Technology meet advanced hygienic requirements of perishable liquid and viscous products with and without chunks. The machines enable a gentle, energy-saving and precise filling process, even for highly viscous products. Additional components such as a sealed lid, plastic over-capping, labels and banderols, carton sleeve or corrugated trays can be incorporated into an advanced packaging set-up. Our expertise in high level hygienic filling machinery and system solutions make us the right partner for your packaging.



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  3. I’m acting as a consultant to a company who is keen on packing an absolutely clear (0.2 micron membrane filtered) beverage with 12 % solids and negligible viscosity in a 200 ml thermoformed cup of either PET or polycarbonate. Do you have an equipment that will perform this filling aseptically under Class 100 air curtain at the rate of 5000 litter in either an 8 hour or 16 hour (2 shift) duration

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