High-level OEE Consulting for Italy’s favourite coffee producer

Lavazza OEE

Since Lavazza introduced Bosch’s OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Consulting at its plants, Italy’s favorite coffee producer has seen strong gains in OEE as well as increases in output and equipment reliability. With daily support from Bosch’s dedicated maintenance staff, ever-more tailored ways to increase efficiency have been put into place, minimizing OEE losses. Breakdowns, waste and changeover times have been reduced through customized on-the-job training and maintenance documentation.


Getting started

Bosch’s strategy to increase overall productivity was to provide daily service and support, including preventive maintenance activities, modernization and training for the maintenance team. Bosch also arranged the permanent presence of an engineer and OEE consultant on-site, who helped minimize downtime by addressing issues as they arose. The partnership flourished and Lavazza sought ways to further optimize its production. As a next step, Bosch started to provide detailed production analysis to measure the true extent of line improvements, and guide future strategy.


Total production overview

Due to the need for real-time monitoring of line performance, both parties agreed upon OEE as the key performance indicator. Bosch selected an appropriate measuring system which provides a complete overview of Lavazza’s line performance, including product quality, machine speed and time losses. The data serve as a link between approaches for improvements, implementation and validation and provide the starting point for customized solutions to refine manufacturing performance regarding OEE. Bosch continuously tracks and reviews the improvements to ensure they continue to yield results for Lavazza in the future.


An efficient partnership

By working as partners, Bosch and Lavazza are showing what can be achieved when quality, reliability and overall efficiency are put first. Thanks to Bosch’s know-how and experience, Lavazza is obtaining a high-level of consulting and the results prove that performance is improving.




Roland Pichler

OEE Consultant

phone: +41 58 674 6357




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