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Rudi Jahnke Süßwaren e.K. has seen positive results following the switch to a complete manufacturing line by Bosch Packaging Technology including the new dosing and mixing
BDK 2000 G unit.


Sustainable and cost-efficient

For its manufacturing process, Jahnke is handling thousands of kilograms of candy per shift and day and began to search for ways to conserve both energy and water and thus reduce production costs. Bosch rose to the challenge and delivered the new BDK 2000 G. Until then, Jahnke had been using a batchwise working electronic dosing and mixing unit to whisk sugar, glucose and water together, before adding them to the pressure dissolver. To achieve the required moisture level after the dissolving process, energy-intensive cooking to reduce water content is necessary. That is the process step where Jahnke searched for a technology that decreases the water consumption and reduces growing energy costs.


The new production line from Bosch fulfilled the requirements. With its continuous dosing and mixing unit, the BDK 2000 G produces a crystal-free sugar-glucose syrup-solution. The machine’s integrated TurboMixx mixing system first dissolves the sugar into the glucose syrup to create a homogenous mixture, without the need to add water. The Rapidsolver heat exchanger dissolves the mass into a crystal-free solution. This results in significant water and energy savings in the following cooking process and reduced production costs.


A partnership with outstanding results

The company started using Bosch machines in 1990 and, since then, the partnership has proven highly productive. Bosch played such a vital role in meeting Jahnke’s production and packaging goals that the company has moved exclusively to Bosch machines, benefiting from its expertise at every step of the production process, from manufacturing to packaging.

Following the switch to a complete Bosch manufacturing line, Jahnke has seen energy savings of 60 percent. With the reduction of energy consumption, the company is able to install a second production line without needing an additional boiler, saving on infrastructure and enhancing productivity.




Frank Jansen

Product Manager

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