Eating Fresh – a fresh perspective on flexible packaging equipment

Fresh Food

To fulfill individual customer requirements, fresh food manufacturers must look to equip themselves with packaging machinery that not only handles a wide variety of formats, but facilitates changeovers and line modifications with minimal downtime and engineering costs. This will be made possible by the use of a wider variety of audience-appropriate packaging and through the emergence of further product ranges that cater to different demographics.


With fresh food packaging, the ability to handle a variety of bag styles at high speeds must be complemented by strict attention to protecting quality and safety. Special packaging material and technologies can protect fresh food from premature spoilage. However, not all packaging equipment is designed to cope with these materials and processes. Bosch Packaging Technology answers flexibility demands with the servo-powered, modular and tool-less changeover concept applied to its vertical equipment solutions. Its SVE and SVI continuous and intermittent motion form, fill and seal machines can be easily integrated into packaging lines to work seamlessly with dosing systems like multi-head weighers, labelers, checkweighers and case packers. Both types of machines offer the flexibility to handle a wide variety of bag sizes, formats and weights, and a broad range of different packaging materials.




By teaming up with experienced packaging suppliers and integrating the most effective packaging machinery into their lines, fresh food manufacturers can gain the ease-of-operation and high safety standards necessary to fulfill stringent consumer requirements. With consumer trends evolving from one year to the next, they are also able to adapt to any future market shifts. For manufacturers of fresh food products, high-quality packaging equipment could well be the key to unlocking market share.




Robert van Mol

Product Manager vertical form, fill and seal machines

phone: +31 495 574 027


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