Seabrook Farms: customer and environmentally friendly IQF packaging

Seabrook Farms

Solar powered IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) vegetable processing and packaging facility in the USA relies on efficient Bosch VFFS baggers to meet its quick changeover times and reliability demands.


Seabrook Brothers & Sons is a third generation family owned and operated business that processes and packages 150 million pounds of frozen vegetables per year.


As a co-packer, the demands on their operation are diverse with over 1,800 SKUs produced in their Seabrook, NJ, facility. It was the need for rapid changeovers, ability to handle a multitude of films with no tweaking or loss in speed, and basic reliable operation that led Seabrook to purchase a Bosch SVE 2510 continuous motion bagger after trying two other VFFS bagger brands.



Just like their customers, Seabrook does not carry a lot of stock, so if they are to meet their customer’s demands, they need to package and ship without interruption. The Bosch machines give Seabrook the quick changeover and reliability they need. As William “Wes” Seabrook, Vice President Engineering at Seabrook explained, “After we tried the first Bosch bagger, we loved it. The ease of operation and reliability of the Bosch bagger lets us meet our customer’s demands.”


Seabrook Farms uses state-of-the-art equipment throughout their facility. The bagging lines primarily use Gough Econ bucket elevators to feed Yamato scales mounted above the Bosch vertical form, fill and seal machines. Safeline metal detectors and checkweighers on the take-away conveyor round out the packaging lines. Wes specified this equipment to the Bosch experts, who executed and integrated the entire line, including the scale platforms, for Seabrook.


Operating a state-of-the-art facility is not restricted to Seabrook’s packaging lines. IQF processing is an energy intensive operation, so Seabrook looked for new, environmentally friendly technologies to modernize their energy supply. Besides other measures, Seabrook took their energy program to the next level and installed 21 acres of solar panels next to their processing facility in Seabrook, NJ.



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