Safety comes first

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The need to ensure safety of operators of bar line equipment is undisputed and a key solution is optimizing ease of use. Designing only one effective control system into an entire line can increase operator safety: An easy-to-handle Human Machine Interface (HMI) allows for comprehensive control as well as close monitoring of production and enables remote monitoring and problem solving. Direct machine contact is minimized.


Meeting the challenge…

In order to ensure line efficiency, the operator is in charge to avoid costly downtime and remedy disorders. Bar lines with multitudes of machines can plague operators with multiple operating systems and control panels. Each individual machine can have different safety mechanisms and safeguards, which the operator has to familiarize with. This poses a real challenge to time-pressed operators.


These factors combined with reduced skill levels increase the likelihood of human error or, worse still, threaten the operatorʼs safety when exploring blockages or inefficiencies. Beyond the obvious human cost, there is also the risk of lengthy breaks in production and the need to overhaul machines to revise safety procedures following an accident.


… with solutions from Bosch

Operator safety is of paramount importance to Bosch Packaging Technology and has been incorporated into the design of all machine part of the bar line. This focus on safety has for example guided the development of an open-access approach, with machines built with open frames, removable panels and windows, enabling a free insight into the internal workings without opening of the machines. Extensive safeguards also ensure that machines cannot be operated while open for examination or maintenance. Sophisticated simulation and visualization tools allow operators to prepare trial runs, modify production and check for issues, all from a Human Machine Interface (HMI). As direct intervention by the operator is not necessary, danger from moving parts is omitted. Most importantly, Bosch’s systems work with standardized safety features and interfaces, so operators feel comfortable with equipment and keep lines running at maximum efficiency. The user-friendly overall conception contributes significantly to ensure operator safety.




Philipp Schenker

Product Manager

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