With SurePOUCH beverage packaging becomes flexible


A current trend perceivable in the packaging industry is manufacturers’ scouting for opportunities to save resources and costs. In this regard, flexible materials offer an attractive alternative to rigid solutions, also for beverage packaging.


What are advantages of using flexible material in beverage packaging?

Flexible beverage packaging is low-weight, uses less film material and can be collapsed after use for low waste volume. Further, new pack styles attract consumer interest, helping to foster brand recognition.


Bosch Packaging Technology addresses these requirements with SurePOUCH − a unique family of flexible stand-up pouch designs. The pouches for the packaging of beverages as well as liquid and even dry foods are fitted with innovative, easy-to-open spouts. Manufacturers benefit from customization capabilities, such as pack sizes and individual printing options supporting differentiation at the point of sale. For the consumer it is a light-weight, convenient alternative, easy to take on-the-go.


What are beverage manufacturers looking for when seeking for a new pack style?

Important factors are cost reduction, high efficiency as well as flexibility in size and forms. For example brands packaging various sizes and flavors of drinks need equipment which offers quick changeover to a different package type on a single machine. Thereby both time and manufacturing costs savings are achieved. Usage of flexible material also reduces floor and storage space needed.


Have you noticed any other trends in the packaging industry?

We perceive an increased demand for sustainable packaging, particularly large consumer goods producing companies that manufacture a wide range of products. Compared to cartons, rigid plastic containers, metal cans and glass, SurePOUCH packages are created with thinner and lighter polymer materials, resulting in significant cost, resource and energy savings.


Are there specific beverage categories increasingly filled into flexible packaging?

Yes; on the one hand, pure and flavored waters, probiotic and liquid yogurt drinks, alcohol-based pre-mixes as well as milk and cream are some categories. On the other hand, our research and market feedback also indicates strong growth potential for flexibles in juices and wine. As more consumers embrace flexible packaging for beverages as alternative for rigid solutions, this market will experience continuous growth across numerous categories.




Ulrich Budeus

Senior Sales Manager, Product Division Liquid Food

phone: +41  58 674 7338


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