A sweet future for robotics

For confectionery brands, the need to increase output is driven by predicted market growth due to a higher demand for an increasingly wide range of confectionery products.


In order to achieve the high mix/low volume output, flexibility is absolutely vital. Confectionery manufacturers require the ability to adapt their packaging line quickly to easily meet the needs of the day. Delta robots allow for a fast and easy changeover between different products that appeal to different regions and demographics. Traditionally, Delta robots are known for their lightning speed and high flexibility – features remaining absolutely key when looking at todayʼs solutions; but this is far from the entire sum of the advantages on offer.





The most advanced software packages allow manufacturers to run a simulation of their lines and processes on a touch screen, without using any physical product. The information this provides shortens line set up time and reduces downtime. Moreover, it removes a source of product waste – an inevitable consequence of trial runs where the actual product is used. The 3-D view enables operators to adjust pick-and-place patterns and other settings for each product – perfect for flexible manufacturers with high mix/low volume needs.



The DD23 robot from Bosch Packaging Technology is the first Delta robot having servo-driven arms directly mounted on the motor, which raising speed by up to 50 percent. The need of having gearboxes is eliminated. This reduces maintenance, leading to less downtime and an increase in overall equipment effectiveness. This robot is the perfect fit for manufacturers who want to enhance output within a still conservative investment climate.



In a flexible manufacturing environment, the robot needs to be able to handle different products. For instance, Bosch’s large portfolio of end effectors, ranging from mono- and multipack to reflex grippers, can be utilized depending on the product being handled. Vacuum, mechanical and Coanda end effectors, with or without rotation, ensure gentle and reliable product handling – leading to lower volumes of damaged and rejected products. For small and large brands, some looking to consolidate their market position and others with their eyes set on new horizons, Delta robotic solutions may just be the manufacturing boost they need.




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