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KKX 3900

So far, capsules had to be checked individually or in downstream processes. Capsules which have not been closed correctly could re-open when packaged into blisters, causing significant production damage. The KKX 3900 is the first capsule inspection unit capable of checking all quality features like weight, length, foreign particles, as well as deformation of capsule top and bottom at the same time. It is a small inspection system equipped with soft x-ray technology and an integrated sensor for image creation.


Complete process control through digital image evaluation

The KKX 3900 is used for the inspection of filled hard capsules. It can be installed behind any capsule filling machine and achieves an output of up to 220.000 capsules per hour. The 100 percent inspection of filling weight is based on the soft x-ray technology. Apart from the 100 percent in-line weight control, the digital image analysis gathers further information in a single process step. Capsules not fulfilling the desired requirements are discharged individually. The innovative real-time image evaluation resists vibration, air flow and humidity.


The combination of four measurement systems in one compact unit with minimal interference leads to reduced space requirements as well as lower costs and allows for significant increase in productivity. Furthermore, complete process control enhances the security of subsequent processes and, as a result, saves even more on costs. The KKX 3900 is designed operator-friendly and adjustment is carried out automatically. Additionally, qualification is a quick and uncomplicated procedure.


The KKX 3900 will be exhibited at Achema 2012 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. We are looking forward to meeting you from June 18 – 22, in Hall 3.1, Booths C70 and C72.



Melanie Beck

Product Management

phone: +49 711 811 57255


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