Upgrade for new packaging design


The modernization service from Bosch Packaging Services supports customers in retrofitting their existing machines to face new challenges. For the market launch of its new frozen soups, the convenience food producer Frosta has developed an unusual packaging in the form of the company logo. Prerequisites were resource and cost savings. Thus, the new packaging style needed to be implemented with the existing packaging machines. In close cooperation with Bosch Packaging Services, it took Frosta only half a year of technical development to successfully modify its machines.


Modernization in next to no time

The vertical form, fill and seal machine SVK 3600 L seemed especially suited for an upgrade to the new packaging style. Frosta already produces on machines from Bosch since the mid-seventies. Owing to their good experience, Frosta relied on Bosch’s expertise for the development of their unconventional packaging format. “We needed a reliable partner whose machines are so flexible that they could also be used for the implementation of new packaging styles. The SVK machines meet all technical requirements. Moreover, the team from Bosch Packaging Services was very energetic and committed to finding the best possible solution for us,” Ralf Finck, head of Frosta’s Packaging Development Department, emphasizes.


“We analyzed the packaging concept and developed a suitable format set at our production plant. We then tested and optimized the format parts on our own machines before transferring them to Frosta’s machine park,” says Werner Ruhman, Sales Director Germany at Bosch Packaging Technology. “Thanks to the flexibility of the Bosch machines, and the customer-oriented work of the Bosch service team, we were able to realize our project in next to no time,” Ralf Finck confirms. The two companies continue working on further optimization of the packaging. So nothing prevents an adaption of the new packaging style to further products in the future.



Werner Ruhmann

Sales Director Germany

phone: +49 151 168 05 471




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