Bar line from Bosch: designed with hygiene in mind

Bar line

Securing hygiene and quality is essential in bar producing and packaging to foster repeated purchases of the product, protect brand reputation and meet regulations. When developing the bar line, Bosch Packaging Systems engineered hygiene into the system, integrating the latest technologies and design elements to help manufacturers meet their quality requirements as efficiently as possible.


Bosch incorporated the concepts of easy access and a simple and seamless design into every component of the bar line system to solve common challenges. Product breakage and waste can clog the system and compromise cleanliness severely. To avoid friction and breakage, components have been simplified and moving parts reduced. With the seamless design, opportunities for bars to catch or tilt have been reduced to a minimum. As less residue remains in the system, the risk of cross contamination decreases.



With ever stricter rules for product safety and the need to ensure complete removal of traces of allergy-causing products such as nuts, cleaning is a key part of meeting hygiene standards. Yet cleaning can be challenging, as bar manufacturers handle high production volumes and vast quantities of products in very different consistencies ‒ some brittle or sticky, some uniformly shaped and moulded and others with irregular texture with nuts or crispy clusters. The bar line from Bosch offers an open design, with components easy to access or disassemble for cleaning and maintenance. Steel is used wherever possible instead of plastics or other surfaces that can foster the development of bacteria.


Another source of contamination is the operator. Bosch’s new system minimizes the operator’s interaction with product handling parts of the machine resulting in a more hygienic packaging environment. Machines are automated wherever possible, and an advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) allows the operator complete control of operations without compromising hygiene.



Philipp Schenker

Product Manager

phone: +41 58 674 6664


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