Save costs and produce more environmentally friendly – with the ultrasonic flow wrapper BVK 2000 UA from Bosch

Bosch BVK 2000 UA

The Bosch BVK 2000 UA offers an alternative to heat sealing. By using the patented ultrasonic sealing technology, considerable material and energy savings can be achieved.


Reduced material costs and energy consumption

Due to the gentle sealing process with ultrasonic vibration, with the BVK 2000 UA no additional heat sealing layer is required, enabling the usage of thinner and more cost-effective films for product packaging. Additionally packaging material consumption can be reduced as seams are thinner. These economic benefits have been confirmed in a field test. By the usage of more economic and thinner films, it is possible to save up to 30 percent of material costs and consumption. Another benefit is lowered energy consumption: Sealing operations using ultrasonic vibration do not require warming-up and permanent heating of sealing jaws during the process.


Reduced downtimes

The BVK 2000 UA eliminates the problem of melted products and film sticking to the sealing jaws, which until now required extensive cleaning operations. Cold sealing also avoids the need for start-up and shutdown processes and the risk of burns involved in cleaning hot sealing jaws. With reduced cleaning effort and less downtime, the BVK 2000 UA offers customers increased machine availability.


Ultrasonic sealing not only reduces energy usage, saves material and increases machine availability, but also saves production costs. Manufacturers can produce more environmentally friendly more profitable. Apart from the BVK 2000 UA, other Bosch packaging machines also offer this technology, for instance the Sigpack HCUR and the Sigpack HCUL as well as the vertical baggers SVE and SVI.



Frank Jansen

Product Manager
phone: +49 2162 248 452

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  1. please send me more information and cost of the machine, and its capabilities in terms of speed, type and size of products it can handle, and type of films it can use

    • Frank Jansen Frank Jansen says:

      Dear Esmail Thakore,

      Thank you for your interest in our Ultrasonic BVK. You will receive the requested information shortly.

      Best Regards,

      Frank Jansen

      Bosch Confectionery & Food Technology

  2. David Molcho says:

    Please send more information and costs of the ultrasonic wrapping machines.

  3. aziz says:

    please contact us for this applicationwould like to hear more on this

  4. Bear Chan says:

    Dear Frank,

    As seem the description about the ultrasonic sealing, it seem to be effective method to control the manufacturing cost! Our company is a Bakery compang in HKG, we use lots of plastic film for packaging! Would you give us more details about the technology and any specific in packaging film?

    Thanks and Best Regards
    Bear Chan
    The Garden Company Limited

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