Optimal splicing at high speed

splicing at high speed

Only few packaging lines handle products in a variety of shapes and sizes as fast as those for bars. Technological innovation in these lines continues to proceed in leaps and bounds, driven by the demand for increased efficiency in high-speed packaging. A recent advance is automatic splicing, a technology made possible by the application of Bosch’s high performance splicing (HPS) unit to its Sigpack HRM horizontal flow wrapper. This innovation allows seamless splicing, improves line efficiency and reduces wastage.


A key benefit of automated splicing is a decrease in operator errors and the resulting downtime. Bosch’s automated splicing technology senses if a roll of film has been inserted into the machine correctly. It then assembles the reel and seamlessly connects the old film to the new, without the need for manual interference. All of this is done at speeds of up to 150 meters of film per minute, without reducing the speed or even stopping the line.


Until now, changing the film reel was a complicated and tricky procedure with many opportunities for errors. To change the reel, an operator places a new film roll onto the machine, secures it in the film holder and needs to ensure the new film was connected correctly to the previous roll. Finally, proper positioning according to the flow direction needs to be assured. A mistake made at any point could cause defective products, waste or unplanned downtime, leading to costly consequences due to the high volumes being processed by the line.


Bosch’s tests have shown that its automatic splicing technology can achieve up to 99 percent success rate when running at maximum speed. Compared with manual reel change, it can reduce the number of rejected packages by over 50 percent, while time needed by the operator to prepare splices decreases up to 70 percent. In other words, automated splicing allows more products to be packaged with less downtime and waste – a major benefit for bar manufacturers.



Philipp Schenker

Product Manager

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  1. Pavan says:

    I Would like to know the Recent improvements or modifications done by BOSCH to HRM & TTM machines.

    • Daniel Bossel says:

      Dear Sir,
      The Sigpack HRM and the Sigpack TTM are important machines for our System platform and we implement continuously new options or functions to improve the OEE and fulfill market requirements.
      As example, our new non-contact FIT Infeed with the direct drive sealing process improve the HRM format flexibility.
      The link between the HRM and the TTM is guarantee by the new Sigpack PFI with a speed up to 1’500 products per minutes.
      best regards
      Daniel Bossel

  2. Marcel Clasener says:

    I’m looking for auto splice equipment.
    Is that part of your port folio?
    Note: the mentioned email adress on this site gives an error.

    • Annette Soyke Annette Soyke says:

      Dear Mr Clasener,
      Thank you very much for your interest. I will pass on your request to the responsible product manager. He will get in contact with you soon.
      Best regards
      Annette Soyke

    • Daniel Bossel says:

      Dear Marcel,
      Thank you for your interest.
      Yes we offer the auto-splicer in combination with our HRM Flow Wrapper Equipment. The auto-splicer is not as stand alone equipment available.
      I will contact you via e-mail for more information.
      best regards

  3. Philipp Schenker says:

    Thank your for interests in our products. For more information about cheese packaging, please contact directly

    Information about the product portfolio form SAPAL are available on

    Best regards,
    Philipp Schenker

  4. El taibe for dairy industries says:

    Please send us full description about sapal processed chess packing machine in all shapes (triangle/square /round ) parts

  5. Dear Mr. Andrejewski

    Thank you for your interest in our products. Our Sales Team will contact you in the next day’s.

    Best regards
    Philipp Schenker

  6. Donald J. Andrejewski says:

    please send me information on your automatic splicing equipment for bosch form fill and seal machines. Product information and pricing for budget planning would be very helpful. what is the normal delivery time?
    Thank you.
    Don andrejewski

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