Experience the GKF 702 capsule filling machine at Interphex 2012 in USA

GKF 702

At Interphex 2012, the GKF 702 capsule filling machine is exhibited for the first time in the USA. The successor of the GKF 701 is suited for all filling technologies. It is even more user-friendly, ergonomic and accessible and was especially designed for laboratory use.


To keep up with the demands of the modern pharmaceutical industry, the GKF 702 capsule filling machine has been designed to produce small batches right in the laboratory, fully simulating all production parameters. The machine produces small batches for R&D and clinical purposes under realistic production conditions.


The filler is extremely flexible and is suited for all filling technologies currently in use. Most recently, dosator technology has been added to the portfolio. For laboratory use, a specially designed filling station, known as the “Mini-Bowl”, was developed for small product batches between 100 and 300 milliliters. A “slide-gate” system is also available, virtually eliminating the gap between the dosing disk and the tamping ring. This provides significantly higher batch yields and reduced product losses of powder, granulates or pellets.


The GKF 702 is a “future-proof” machine. Its modular design offers the possibility to re-tool the machine for future filling and in-process control needs. Furthermore, the user-friendliness, ergonomics, and accessibility of the previous GKF 701 model have been transferred and improved for the GKF 702. Most format parts from the GKF 700 and GKF 701 can also be used on the GKF 702. The new design includes an industrial PC (IPC) which is 21 CFR part 11 compliant and features a 15″ touchscreen. Various interfaces such as LAN, USB and a DVD burner increase the accessibility of batch documentation.


More Bosch products and innovations can be seen at Interphex 2012, New York, USA, May 1-3, booth 2227.



Melanie Beck

Product Manager

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