Sanofi Aventis produces using a highly-efficient fluid bed granulator from Hüttlin

To manufacture its successful painkiller “Doliprane” containing the active ingredient Paracetamol, Sanofi Aventis based in Lisieux/France called on the know-how of Hüttlin. Thanks to comprehensive preliminary testing and the very latest software, it was possible to deliver a plant, which offers in the eyes of Sanofi Aventis unrivalled productivity and production quality.


The analgesic “Doliprane” is enjoying increasing demand. To keep pace, Sanofi Aventis invested in a fluid bed granulator from Hüttlin in February 2008.


Extensive preliminary testing at the Hüttlin Pharma Service Center persuaded Sanofi Aventis of the quality and performance of the production technology. At our Unilab laboratory facility, we began by identifying the process-specific parameters which we then converted to an initial production batch using “NextStep” scale-up software. The result was impressive: “I had never seen such a homogeneous granulate”, recalls Hervé Maze, head of industrialisation at Sanofi Aventis Lisieux. The accuracy of the scale-up calculations and the high degree of reproducibility of all parameters also made a big impression.


The new type HDGC 1200 plant with an upstream big bag filling station commenced operation in September 2009 and has been running in shifts for five days per week since then.


The plant’s high availability is also achieved thanks to the wash-in-place system, which automatically cleans and dries the entire plant overnight.


Sanofi Aventis is achieving a product yield of almost 100 percent at the new plant. Six batches are produced each day. Sanofi Aventis itself describes the plant as “one of the most efficient of its type anywhere”.


Sanofi Aventis Lisieux would be happy to invest in a second line if required.


Martin Weidmann
Sales Manager
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