Chocolate manufacturers can have it all

Starpac 600 HL

Aesthetically pleasing die-fold packages, where all tucks and folds are situated on the bottom side of the bar, have been used for years by premium chocolate manufacturers. They convey an elegance that sets products apart from popular flow-wrapped alternatives. While die-fold packaging has an edge in terms of presentation and visual appeal, flow-wrapped (and hermetically sealed) chocolates have traditionally held the advantage in terms of product protection.

With the new Starpac 600 HL, which allows for hermetically sealed die-fold packaging, chocolate manufacturers can have it all ‒ product safety and integrity, product quality and premium appearance.


Product safety

Heightened manufacturer and consumer awareness of health and safety issues keep product security at the top of priority lists. Facilitated by the new packaging technology from Sapal, airtight die-fold packaging can be produced, avoiding cross-contamination by dust or insects and tampering of any kind. With the new Starpac pack style, the high demands on product safety can be satisfied.


Product quality

Hermetically sealed flow-wrapped packaging also ensures quality by locking in original flavors, conserve the intended taste of the product and prevent product damage. This is particularly important in case of premium-quality chocolate into which so much time and expertise is invested in perfecting taste and texture. Non-hermetically sealed chocolate can take on the flavors and aromas of other food products placed in close proximity, either on the supermarket shelf or at home in the refrigerator or cupboard.


Product premium-look

Cutting-edge machinery is able to create the premium die-fold package with a folding box. This not only allows a visually appealing and precise folding, but also reduced material consumption – a significant cost-saving benefit in times of intense price pressure.


Now chocolate manufacturers can have it all – they can promote the indulgent qualities of their chocolate product with elegant die-fold packaging, while simultaneously ensuring the utmost in quality. Contact us to learn more.



Alexander Schmitz

General Manager, Sapal

phone: +41 (0) 21 6335 400


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