Become an expert in solid dosage production

solid dosage production

The seminars are designed for professionals engaged in design, execution, validation and operation of pharmaceutical equipment for solid dosage production.


“Expert of Solids“

The seminar series “Expert of Solids“ includes theory and hands-on experience for contemporary production of solid dosage forms. All aspects of development and production of solid dosage forms will be highlighted from the basis of granulation via the statistical design of experiments to the compression of tablets. All seminars comprise a theoretical part and hands-on experience to transfer the gained knowledge into practice. Participants will have the possibility to work together in project groups using our in-house laboratory. Also make use of our evening events to expand your network and to share experiences with colleagues from all over the world. It is also possible to book only individual courses. You will receive the certification „Expert of Solids“ after participating in four of five seminars.


“Master of Solids“

After obtaining the certification „Expert of Solids“, advanced courses can be chosen in the subject areas formulation of capsules, production of tablets and the topic “Quality by Design”. After participating in two of three advanced seminars, you will gain the certification “Master of Solids”.


Upcoming Seminars


“Granulation – from powder to tablets”

The seminar will take place from March 27 to 29, 2012. In the focus are:

  • process steps of the preparation of granules
  • selection of auxiliary parameters and process parameters
  • production of tablets and capsules
  • “In-process controls” of the process steps

“Statistical Design Space Development – from design of experiment to granules”

The seminar, which is a cooperation of Hüttlin and Umetrics, will take place from April 24 to 25, 2012. Case studies and referees from renowned companies as Novartis and the University of Strasbourg will enrich the seminar. In the focus are:

  • techniques of modern statistical trial planning and experimental design
  • selection of critical process parameters with FMEA
  • creation, practical implementation and evaluation of experimental design
  • “Six Sigma and SPC”

If you want to become an expert, we are looking forward to provide you with further information:



Monika Foehner

Seminar Coordination

phone: +49 7622 6884 128




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