New thermoform machine for fresh & ESL products

thermoform machine

Bosch Liquid Food will launch an innovative TFFS system at Anuga FoodTec, March 27 to 30, featuring new ergonomic design and in-mould labeling system.


In the packaging industry, Bosch has a 30-year history as a producer of highly reliable aseptic thermoforming ‘TFA’ machines. Application possibilities range from the filling of products such as coffee creamers to more complex and demanding applications as baby food and particulates. With the aseptic thermoforming machines of Bosch, customers are enabled to achieve high hygienic standards and production safety.


In order to meet changing market demands, Bosch has expanded its portfolio, creating a new series of in-line thermoform filling machines to address all non-aseptic, ‘clean-fill’ product applications. The newly designed non-aseptic thermoforming machines, referred to as the ‘TFC series’ (ThermoForm Clean-fill), enables the filling of fresh products and products requiring extended shelf-life (ESL) such as yogurts and desserts or curd cheese. The system can also produce single-serve portion packs for butter, margarine and condiments such as ketchup, mustard, sauces or jam and jellies.


Bosch’s thermoforming lines meet the leading industry standards for forming and filling efficiency while providing high output with a competitive total cost of ownership. The new TFC machine is available in both clean-fill and ultra clean-fill models and is suitable for cold or hot filling and retortable product applications like ready meals and pet food.


New in-mould labeling


The newly developed in-mould labeling system for wrap-around cup decoration will be showcased at the upcoming Anuga FoodTec show in Cologne, March 27 to 30. This innovative and patented technology features numerous benefits and advantages for the customer:


  • Variable cup heights without change of format parts
  • Variable label heights without change of format parts
  • Positioning of label bond seam
  • Automatic label reel change over
  • Easy access to labeling area
  • Speeds up to 35 cycles/min


All TFA and TFC machines are fully servo-driven and feature state-of-the-art ergonomic design for high operational output, efficiency and comfort.



Henning Jordan

Sales Manager

phone: +49 711 811 57173


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