The FLT small batch vial filler re-launched with improved features for reduced change-over times

FLT small batch vial filler

The new FLT design ensures simplicity and flexibility to meet short change-over time requirements. Minimizing the time needed for product change-over is crucial for small batches and time to market.


With the redesigned FLT, change-over of the vial diameter requires only 3 guideparts. Stoppering and capping of 13 and 20 mm finish is realized with a single vibratory bowl, requiring only the change of tracks. Spring-discs ensure a robust crimp capping. The FLT processes up to 30 vials per minute, handling a range of 2 to 100ml containers. For filling Bosch Peristaltic or Rolling Diaphragm pumps are used, either with re-usable or single-use PreVAS product path parts.


Patrick Welch of JHP Pharmaceuticals states, “The Bosch FLT filler is a clean machine with a compact footprint, requiring only few change parts. The HMI is user friendly, with nice feeder bowls and capping station. Bosch has always been great with service.”

Four machines have already been sold to primary target market of small batch/clinical fills at CMO’s as well as a development lab at a customer production site.


Design features:

  • safety enclosure with interlocked doors and customized RABS features
  • walking beam transport design with minimal change parts
  • change-over quick and easy to accomplish with digital counters for repeatable positioning of guides and station heights
  • portable rolling cart design
  • servo actuators for reliable and precise positioning of bottom-up filling, transport, stoppering and capping stations
  • proven 100% IPC technology


Optional features:

  • bottom-up filling
  • product supply weigh scale
  • Oxygen Reduction System
  • reject/sample station
  • laminar air flow hood


Dena Flamm
Business Development
phone: +001-763-493-6775

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