Compact and safe – track and trace enabled vial packaging line

track and trace

Shanghai Kaibao Pharmaceutical CO., LTD has specialized itself in the research and development as well as production and distribution of Chinese pharmaceutical products. The company already uses liquid vial filling lines from Bosch Pharma Liquid (site Crailsheim, Germany and Hangzhou, China).


During a customer visit in Shanghai, our Sales Manager Guenther Lade was shown a Chinese low-cost cartoning line. After packaging the vials in individual cartons, those were hand-packaged into trays. Based on this inspiration, Bosch Pharma Solid developed the fully-automatic vial collection and packaging line.


The line runs with a production speed of 360 vial packages per minute. At the first station, the Bosch CUK 4040 continuous cartoning machine packages 12 ml vials with user instructions into individual cartons. The next step is to collect six filled cartons in a specially formed tray on a custom designed robot loading system (THU-6). With their outside chambers the trays offer an especially high level of protection for the sensitive glass vials by enabling an impact and tumble-free transport. Furthermore, the tray allows for an ergonomic removal of the products.


Then, every individual carton in the tray is labeled with a running serial number and product information via a vector laser. Directly after laser labeling, the applied information are checked by a camera system and faulty trays are automatically removed from production.


At the third station, the filled trays and an additional product leaflet are inserted into an outer carton and sealed by the intermittent-motion cartoner CAR-T5. Every outer carton is checked for completeness by a KWE 4000 check weigher and then transported to a customer-provided tamper-evidence sticker labeler.



Mr. Liu Yishan, Director of Board from Shanghai Kaibao, is very pleased with the product and stated, “I am looking forward to the installation in January 2012.“


Günther Lade
Sales Manager
phone: +49 (711) 811 57213

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