Your ideal feeding solution: product distribution conveyors or Delta Robots?

Delta Robots

To achieve an efficient and successful feeding of incoming fresh, raw or unwrapped products into a packaging machine, several are factors crucial. Depending on these factors either Delta Robots or product distribution conveyors can be the ideal solution.


Considering options

The decision for one or the other of the possible technologies depends on which solution is more appropriate to the following three characteristics of the packaging line and product:

  1. Product Characteristics
  2. Pack Configuration
  3. Operating Environment


Product Characteristics

“Product characteristics” refers to the physical attributes of the product being packaged. Is the product soft, sticky, or covered in frosting, like many bakery or confectionery items? Or is it a rugged product? Perhaps it is already in one layer of primary packaging and concern for damaging the product is minimal. For delicate products, such as many bakery items or confections, the feeding solution must be able to carefully and efficiently handle the product to avoid impairment. In these cases, conveying solutions may be the best solution.


Nevertheless, raw and delicate items can also be effectively and efficiently picked and placed by Delta Robots. Necessary are a careful examination of the product characteristics and testing of the end effector technology for a successful robotic solution. Generally, higher pick rates can be achieved with vacuum suction type robot end effectors. Mechanical robot end effectors operate at lower pick rates but are more suitable for softer, sticky products or product with high particulate or dusty toppings.


If the product is more durable and rugged, either solution can be considered. If flexible pack configurations are desired, Delta Robotics is often the best alternative.


Making a decision

Whatever the final decision, it is important to take a holistic and comprehensive view and consider all aspects of the packaging line to ensure an optimal solution. Need help doing this? Read the complete whitepaper to support you in taking a well-considered decision, taking into account product characteristics, pack configuration, operating environment and costs.


Complete whitepaper:

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