New Sigpack TTM secondary packaging platform with short changeovers

Sigpack TTM

At this year’s Interpack, Bosch Packaging Systems presented the Sigpack TTM, a new secondary packaging platform for up to 150 cartons and 1000 products per minute.


Depending on its intended use, the Sigpack TTM is available in several versions. All applications are based on a combination of various modules. The core element of the machine is a 3-axis robot suspended at the top with high dynamics and load-bearing capacity taking over a number of functions within the system. These include erecting and closing cartons as well as transposing products. The robot’s three axes provide high mobility, allowing for a variety of packaging styles.


The connecting element of the system is a newly developed carton transport unit which provides the installation with a highly flexible design, allowing changeovers across a wide range of formats without requiring changeover parts. Each carton is transported safely and accurately through the system on simple, lightweight carriers, with freely variable distances between carriers. This means that batch sizes can be changed at the push of a button, e.g. changing from 4-track to 2-track operation.


A dynamic grouping unit with optional feeding wheel provides a gentle and regular product infeed and allows easy link-up with various packaging processes, for example with horizontal or vertical flow wrappers.


Prior to discharge, a robot folds the lids onto the cartons and positions them on a transfer belt or in a chain for onward transport to downstream processes like case packers or palletizers. If the installation is equipped with an additional carton magazine at the closing unit, the same robot can fit the cartons with a separate lid. This means that, in principle, different carton styles can be handled by the system.


Reproducibility – eliminating operator errors

Being able to complete format changes in minutes requires a changeover concept which is simple, operator-friendly, reproducible and error-free. The Sigpack TTM has realized this concept with basic and simple change parts. Time-consuming changeovers involving tools or scale settings belong to the past.



Leopold Engel
Product Manager
phone: +41 58 674 6877

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