“Hüttlin has developed a new generation of machinery which ends high costs for small machines.”


Learn more about how it is possible to realize almost the entire tablet manufacturing process with a single machine – the Solidlab 1. An interview with Martin Gross, General Manager of Hüttlin,
Bosch Packaging Technology.


Mr. Gross, why is laboratory equipment so expensive?

The production of miniaturized equipment is similar to the complexity of building pilot lines or small production machinery. Even the requirements are similar because the laboratory experiments need to be as close to real production as possible. Additionally, these small machines are rarely used to their full capacities as multiple process steps are seldom conducted in parallel. With regard to their usage volumes, the small machinery is the front runner for specific investment costs.


How did Hüttlin manage to lower these high costs?

Hüttlin has developed a new generation of machinery which ends high costs for small machinery. The concept is based on the effective use of peripheral equipment, control systems and data acquisition in combination with the intelligent integration of high quality process modules. Our new Solidlab 1 laboratory machine offers process modules for powder mixing, granulation and coating of pellets and tablets. Therefore, almost the entire tablet manufacturing process can be provided by a single machine.


What are the advantages of the powder mixing module?

With our mixing concept, a high quality mixture, even for small batches, can be achieved. The fluidized bed is built like a full production system and offers all of the advantages Hüttlin is known for: very even distribution of the supply air and toroidal product movement by the Diskjet distribution plate. The resulting granulates show a very tight grain size distribution, but also a very homogenous coating of pellets. To use the laboratory system for conventional processes, an optional top-spray system and a bottom sieve are also available.


And how does the drum coater work?

The drum coater module uses the principle of its “big brother”, the Manesty XL-Coater from Bosch Packaging Technology Ltd. Here, special care has been given to upward scalability. Solidlab 1 is the smallest element in the scalability chain, just below the XL LAB 01. Batches can be produced from 0.1 to 1 Kilogram using two different drum sizes.


What about the compatibility of the individual modules?

Each module uses the same base assembly and includes all peripheral equipment, such as the infeed and exhaust air conditioning, the complete sensor system and especially the control system. The device is equipped with a 10 inch touch screen interface, running the newest generation of Provicon Mod software. A variety of options are available: fully automated recipes, data recording, 21 CFR compatibility, trend depiction and data export via network or USB stick.


Is it possible to experience the capabilities of the Solidlab 1 live?

The active sales and distribution of the Solidlab 1 started during Interpack 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany. At the moment, the machine is available for customer testing at the pharmaceutical laboratory of Hüttlin. Experienced pharmaceutical engineers with the latest equipment are ready and willing to help perform customized tests and provide guidance.


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