Five KKEs for India: Indian major Cipla goes for Bosch


Cipla is one of India’s major pharmaceutical companies and a benchmark in terms of the quality level of its production sites. To warrant the end user the right dosage, Cipla decided on 100% check weighing of their most critical capsule products. After evaluating the available options, Cipla decided to buy the best technical solution for their needs – the KKE from Bosch.


In June 2010, Mr. Arun Kutumbe and Mr. Mangesh Sonawane from Cipla approached the Indian sales head Mr. Suhas Rai, Bosch Packaging Technology, for a new project. Cipla intended to tighten weight specifications for their capsule products. This decision required Cipla to implement efficient check weighing solutions, resulting in necessary investment at three of Cipla’s sites, namely Goa, Baddi and Indore.


In September, Cipla concluded its evaluation and decided for Bosch Packaging Technology as the vendor of choice. The two major reasons were the convincing technology and a comprehensive service set-up.


When it comes to check weighing for capsules, the KKE from Bosch should be on the list of the best available solutions. By default, the KKE’s design does not allow for any wrong allocation of tested capsules – capsules not fulfilling the specifications are strictly excluded. The weighing process itself is realized with a suspended weighing cell, feeded with capsules over a star-shaped wheel. This warrants a flawless process. An integrated compensation facility shields the weighing process against vibrations. Another benefit is the easy format change, requiring the exchange of only one format part. Finally, the software and HMI design of the KKE allow for an easy machine operation and a comprehensive analysis of the weighing results. Additionally, when it comes to service, Bosch can claim a good response time by virtue of their well trained service engineers stationed at its Goan facility.


After the successful conclusion of the project, Cipla summarized: “We were satisfied with Bosch in terms of the project team’s support, the technological performance, the adherence to the delivery schedule and the first collaboration with the local service team.”



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